The Freakstomp Music Festival Announces Full Lineup

Posted at 4:20pm on 2/19/2019 by The Freakstomp Music Festival.

The Freakstomp Music festival is in it's third year and already touts an amazing lineup featuring contemporary reggae rising stars Tropidelic, Jon Wayne & The Pain, Bumpin Uglies, and Little Stranger. Joining these already impressive headliners will be the nationally acclaimed Ballyhoo!, Mike Pinto, Shrub, Aaron Kamm & The One Drops, Vana Liya, and Bubba Love.

The Freakstomp Music Festival Full Lineup

Hailing from the east coast, Baltimore rockers Ballyhoo! have been on the road, taking their melodic anthems to the people for over a decade. In 2013, the band cracked the Billboard 200 chart with their 5th album, “Pineapple Grenade," released on their own label, Right Coast Records. Mike Pinto released his first album in 2005 and by 2011 he was working with legendary Drummer/Producer Chuck Treece (Pearl Jam, G Love, Bad Brains, McRad) and released his most accomplished album to that point. Pinto has been active releasing new music and touring ever since. Information about all of the bands can be found on the lineup page.

Only general admission tickets for the event remain as all VIP tickets have been purchased. A price increase for general admission tickets will soon follow the lineup reveal, seeing the cost of a general admission ticket increasing from $75 to $80. A Zero Waste fee of $2 will be added to all purchases to help support the greening efforts at The Freakstomp Music Festival. This allows the festival to operate in a more sustainable and ecologically friendly manner.

Full Freakstomp Lineup:
Tropidelic x2
Bumpin' Uglies
Mike Pinto
Jon Wayne and the Pain
Aaron Kamm and the One Drops
Little Stranger
The Quasi Kings
Zach Fowler (Of Sun-Dried Vibes)
Vana Liya
Zoo Trippin
Bubba Love
Ancient Elephant

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