Don't be "that guy" at the festival.

Posted at 4:00pm on 2/19/2019 by Jimson.

We've all been a little unprepared for a festival before, but that usually doesn't prevent good times from ensuing. Festivals are an amazing place to let loose and experience new things. They provide a friendly atmosphere for self expression. Most people end up making new friends and having fun but some people don't know how to hang yet. Don't be that guy!

"Check out my amazing car stereo. It's as loud as the main stage!"

We get it, you invested your college loan money into making your car stereo as loud as humanly possible. Nobody came to hear your poor taste of late 90's EDM and whatever emo fueled mumble rapper you love. Be respectful to your neighbors and don't play loud music all night. Nobody likes that guy.

"What are you guys cooking over there? Can I bum a cigarette? Do you have a beer I can snag? Got any spare socks?"

Being unprepared is one thing but being a mooch is totally different. Don't show up the festival with nothing but the clothes on your back and expect everyone to take care of you all weekend. It's totally acceptable to ask people for supplies, help, socks, etc, however you should be prepared to offer something up in return.

"I bet you I can drink all 12 of these beers in 30 minutes or less."

A music festival is not an excuse to act like a drunken idiot. Drink in moderation and stay hydrated. You'll want to remember all the good times later, and nobody likes the guy puking in the middle of the crowd. Don't be him.

"This is my favorite song. Did you know they formed around 10 years ago? I actually know the guitar player. He slept on my couch once."

Don't be that guy who spends most of the show trying to shout over the band talking to friends. You came for the music, right? Enjoy it! Save the small talk for after the show.

"They pay people to pick up the trash here, so who cares if I throw my trash on the ground?"

Dude, not cool! It's true that there are very HARD WORKING people who clean up the festival grounds but you should remain active in trying to keep the venue clean. Take a second and think about your entire footprint. The average person creates a lot of trash over a weekend, so look for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle!

Take these lessons seriously as you prepare for festival season folks!

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