7 extra fun items people forget to bring to festivals

Posted at 4:00pm on 2/19/2019 by Vitamin D.

Festivals are great already, but if you're the kinda person that likes that extra fun bring these 7 items with you. Most can be bought in a store. Some require some artistic endeavoring.

1. Rage Sticks / Totems
Sometimes the best way to show a band or artist how much you love them is to create a piece of art that represents you and shake it vigorously in the air before, during, and after songs. It's also a great way to be able to find your friends in a large crowd. Remember to be respectful and keep the totems to the sides and back of the dance floor. No one wants to see your totem front row blocking the view of the band for everyone else.

Rage Stick

2. Inflatables
An inflatable shaped like an alien or flamingo - or anything, really, can add some fun to anyone's day, especially when you release one (or two...or five) to be bobbed around by the feverish crowd. Watch with pride as your little balloon buddy makes it to the stage and is subsequently punted off by the lead singer.

3. Glow Sticks
These can be fun in the dark and also help you find your friends. Remember, no glow stick left behind. Pick up after yourselves... glow sticks go to the trash can when they die.

4. Glitter
Make yourselves more fabulous by adding glitter to your already beautiful face, arms, and/or butt. Remember to get the biodegradable kind so as not to poison the oceans with tiny pieces of plastic.


5. Face/Body Paint
Use your face or body as a canvas and become walking art.

6. Massage Roller
This will be your new best friend when you get back to the campsite after raging all day. Have your camp mates roll it on your back then return the favor. Loosen up all those knots in your back and neck. Some rollers even have a hole to add essential oils.

7. Small Gifts
Anything from tumbled stones or a well-intentioned “business” card. Handing out something to someone at a festival is a great way to make a new friend. Better to give than receive, although in this case both sides are positively affected.

Small Gifts

Let us know if you have any ideas on other items to add to the list. Thanks for reading!

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