10 essential items to remember to bring to a festival

Posted at 4:00pm on 2/19/2019 by Vitamin D.

We know, we know, another stupid list about what to bring to festivals. Before you go getting all high and mighty on us remember that good practices are worth sharing and repeating. Not everyone is a festival junkie. Regardless of whether Freakstomp will be your first or your 50th festival here's a little reminder of some of the items that will make your festival experience more enjoyable.

1. Light Jackets and Hoodies
Everyone has an image in their head of festivals being a warm fun in the sun experience, and half the time they are. The other half of the time is after the sun has set, and it gets chilly by the back of the crowd or on the way back to camp. So, always remember to pack some warmer layers to bring with you.

2. Portable Chargers
In an age where your phone is your camera, your flashlight, your music player, and maybe even your means of communication should the phone part of this expensive, tiny computer work in desolate area from which this festival has risen, you definitely want to ensure you have back up juice without killing a car battery.

3. Extra Long tent stakes
I can't tell you how many times a tent has been blown away by the wind because it was secured using only those small four or six inch stakes that came with it. Save yourself a scene reminscent of Twister and go to any camping store, or section, and invest in the foot-long stakes and a mallet to hammer them in. This will keep your tents and canopies from flying all over the place the next time the wind picks up, and will in the long run save you from having to replace camping gear as often.

4. Padding for the bottom of the tent
There's nothing worse than laying on the ground in a lightly padded sleeping bag using a rock, or your dreads, as a pillow. To avoid this we recommend bringing a sleeping mat. Or, head to the kids section of your local department store and see if they have those puzzle piece floor pads we used to have in kindergarten.

5. Pillow
This kind of goes with the last one, and it is super important so that you wake up feeling comfortable and refreshed... and not hating yourself. That way you can actually enjoy the festival you've been waiting for all year.

6. Sunglasses
It should go without saying but... it can be pretty sunny in the summer. So, make sure you bring your shades so you can stare wide eyed at the day time sets instead of squinting and looking all silly. If you forget yours, invariably there will be a vendor selling sunglasses, wire wrapped or otherwise.

7. Extra underwear
Trust us... with this lineup, you'll need them!

8. Money
You're going to need to eat while you're at the festival. Unless you are bringing enough food and willing to take the time to cook it you're going to need to bring some moolah in order to make it through the weekend with a happy outlook and belly. Plus there's all that heady merch at the booth and the vendors.

9. Snacks
You'll definitely be needing to snack outside of the meals you pick up at the vendors. Bring your favorite snacks like Oreo's, chips, granola bars, dried fruits, hummus, etc to help maintain your energy levels, as well as for those midnight munchies when you return to your camp at the end of the festivities.

10. Earplugs
The number one way to make sure that you can forever enjoy the festival scene is to protect your hearing. Especially if you like to ride the rail or stand in front of the speakers. Remember that any sounds over 85 decibels will damage your hearing. There are of course the disposable foam ones, but the higher end ear plugs are much better for sound quality and comfort. They usually range in price from 15 to 50 dollars a pair, depending on the style and brand. Do the research and invest in a good pair of earplugs.

Thanks for reading! Let us know if we forgot anything. See you all at The Freakstomp. Remember: clean up after yourselves... and spay and neuter your pets.

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